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Sustainability is at the heart of all KARTINI designs - from materials and methods, to packaging and production style.

 We use sublimation dyeing for all our patterned swimwear designs.
In this method, heat-activated dyes are used to transfer prints from the source to textile by the process of sublimation. This is a waterless, low waste method that creates prints that do not fade, minimal waste and no harm done to our waterways!
We create all our Swimwear, Activewear and Swim Intimates ranges using REPREVE or ECORIB.
Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. But now you can do something about it.
REPREVE transforms recycled bottles and other post consumer plastic waste into a premium fibre, specifically designed to make swimwear and athletic apparel. REPREVE is moisture wicking, quick drying, durable, buttery soft + has 4 way stretch.
ECORIB is a beautiful, soft yet firm, premium textured swimwear fabric which is made from 87% recycled polyester.
All our designs come packaged in 100% cotton, reusable drawstring or tote bags, depending on the size of your order.
We include these bags in your order as a beautiful alternative to plastic packaging. Use the drawstring bags to keep your swimwear organised in your drawers, and use the tote-bags when you head to the beach or to pick up your groceries.
We make-to-order every single piece purchased through our online boutique or by our gorgeous stockists. 
By managing our orders this way, we eliminate over production and the need to reduce the price of stock to make space simply for the sake of new designs. This means we do not participate in mass sales.
Although this goes against the grain of our industry we are proud to be part of a slower and more sustainable movement where we create quality, timeless pieces that will last you a long time. 
 There is a short wait time while we lovingly hand craft your swimwear, intimates or activewear. When customers place an order, they are choosing to shop mindfully while actively supporting an independent, sustainable brand.